Saber Builds

Basic Saber: $100 + S/H (Commissions are temporarily closed)

• Based on Ultrasabers’ Initiate V4 or Apprentice V4 hilts
• Single diode, high-power LED in any color
• Plastic guarded switch
• Powered by USB battery bank
• 24”, 32”, or 36” mid-grade blade


  • Heavy-grade Blade: $25
  • Customization – Powder coat: $40
  • Basic Sound/Light – Pico Crumble or SaberWAV soundboard – Idle hum, swing sound, clash sound, fade on/off, blade flicker: $75
  • Enhanced Sound/Light – Nano Biscotte soundboard – Same effects as basic sound plus customizable sound fonts/themes (choose this if you want movie-accurate sounds): $115
  • Three Diode LED – ~25% brighter than the single diode version, enables flash-on-clash and color changing. Also exchanges plastic switch for metal: $25
  • Custom Sound Fonts – Sounds from Star Wars films/games preloaded (requires Enhanced Sound): $5-10 each (up to 2)
  • Alternate hilt – Replicas of on-screen character hilts available: Price Varies

Note: Upgrading to either Basic or Enhanced Sound will replace the USB battery bank with a Li-ion rechargeable battery. A charger is included with each saber purchase.

Past Work

Gray Consular: Custom Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 [Article] [YouTube]

Republic Defender: A Custom Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 [Article] [YouTube]

General Kota: A Custom Ultrasabers Standard Issue Battle Saber [Article] [YouTube]

Custom powder coat on the Republic Defender
The General Kota

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