Amazon’s Hasbro Black Series Shadow Trooper Helmet in Photos

I recently picked up an Amazon exclusive Black Series Shadow Trooper helmet to go with my Stormtrooper bucket. Because this is functionally the same as that piece, I won’t be doing a full review. Instead, here are some photos and comments about the lid. Be sure to post any questions you might have in the comments.

The Shadow Trooper helmet is really, really shiny
A profile shot


A look at the rubberized vocoder tubes
The tube stripes are blue and indented, just like the Stormtrooper’s. I’ve seen these done several different ways on Shadow Tropper helmets. Anovos leaves them black and EFX uses silver.

All of the accents that are usually gray on the Stormtrooper lid are matte black here.
The “mouth” is light gray/silver on the Hasbro helmet.


The Shadow Trooper’s eye lenses are highly reflective silver. They’re so reflective that getting a good photo was nearly impossible. The brow/brim is still rubberized as it is on the Stormtrooper helmet.

The same battery door and speaker vents as the Stormtrooper model
The top of the helmet shows a couple of injection marks from the mold.
Almost all of these ship with minor dings. They seem to really stand out on the shiny black, more so than the white of the Stormtrooper example.


Inside is the typical construction helmet suspension. I don’t like this a whole lot and have already ripped mine out to replace with padding.
The microphone/sound on these isn’t great, but it can be adjusted somewhat.



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